Dress Code

Members are encouraged to consider common sense, respect for tradition, modesty, and the comfort of fellow members and their guests when making casual-attire decisions.

We prefer our members dress-up rather than dressdown when visiting the Club. While we expect that members will use good taste and judgment, the Board has directed Club Management to discreetly review any inappropriate casual attire decisions directly with the member to ensure that the Club maintains a casual environment that is enjoyable for everyone. Members and guests are expected to dress in a manner that is clean, neat, well fitting and socially acceptable to the majority of our membership. Clothing that looks shabby, sloppy, over worn and ragged, even if new, are not allowed in any area of the Club.

Country Club appropriate denim is defined as properly sized, in excellent condition, and consistent in color. Country Club appropriate denim does not include holes or rips, frayed material, bibs, painter pants, or jeans that are worn extremely low cut.

Gentlemen must wear shirts with sleeves, unless approved by Club Management as acceptable fashion. Jeans, Slacks or golf shorts must be worn. No tank tops, cutoffs, sweat pants, bathing suits, sweat pants, athletic shorts, gym apparel, or tennis shorts are permitted.

Ladies must wear proper golf attire which includes dresses, shirts, jeans, golf slacks or shorts and blouses. Golf shorts or skorts must be no more than 3-5 in. above the knee. No halter tops, bathing suits, sweat pants, athletic shorts, gym apparel, tennis shorts or short shorts are permitted. Ladies may wear sleeveless tops with a collar. If the top has no collar it must have sleeves.

Junior golfers are bound to the same code as their parents.

About Clear Lake Country Club

The best golf in Idaho! Clear Lake Country Club also features year-round fly fishing, a PGA pro-staffed golf shop, practice range, chipping and putting green, golf cart and club rentals. Our restaurant and lounge includes a daily lunch special, patio dining and shaded picnic area. RV hookups available.

Hours Of Operation

SUMMER HOURS - The golf shop is open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The golf shop reserves tee-times for members 14 Days in advance and 5 Days in advance for guests. Call the Golf shop at (208) 543-4849 for reservations.

WINTER HOURS - The clubhouse is open daily at 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Bar-5;00 pm). Please call in advance, Club may be closed due to weather.

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